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Master the Business of Wellness.

Join us for a free, live 4-hour workshop.

Saturday, July 16th | 9am - 1pm CT


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Stressed, exhausted, and burned-out?

It's not your fault.

You’re stuck in an unfair system. No matter how many years of medical training and expertise you have, without business know-how, the broken healthcare model will eat you alive.

Join Freedom Practice Coaching’s founder, Charles Webb, to learn simple, effective business tactics to help you out of the overwhelm and into significantly higher profits, happier patients, and more time for living.

Join us to discover:

The secrets of marketing. Switch on your inner marketing machine and learn how to work smarter, not harder when attracting patients.

How to surround yourself with patients who'll flourish. When you create an abundance of your ideal clients, you're guaranteeing patient compliance and success.

Why ditching fee-for-service and creating customized programs will encourage stronger patient outcomes. It's easier than you think!

How to get rid of the ball and chain. Cutting ties with insurance companies will give you the time to see fewer patients...while still increasing revenue and profits.

How to build a 7-figure practice on a 3-day work week. With the right model, you can do it!

Virtual Health Practice

Plus, hear from highly successful practitioners who used these essential ideas in their own practices.

What doctors have to say:

"I was trying to build my practice on my own. I didn't know what to do or how to do it. I was straight up struggling. FPC was the absolute best thing. In one week, I did better than I had the entire previous year. Everything turned around so quick."

Susan Lovelle, MD

"When you get into healthcare, you don't consider that you will need to know the business side of having a practice. FPC has helped us help so many more people and in the process, our revenue went up 240%!"

Leslie Meyers, ND

"I had been trying to figure out how to apply a more integrative approach. Then I saw a video with Dr. Webb and I said, "This guy is talking my language." It was a perfect fit. Working with Freedom Practice Coaching has been a game-changer."

Gene Clerkin, DC

"They really deliver on their promises. The clarity they provide to help deliver high-quality care and increase revenue are awesome!"

Brian Deloney, DC

A message from Charles Webb

Can a single workshop give you more business knowledge than all your years of medical training?

Absolutely it can.

One of the biggest problems with our training as doctors is that while we received extensive training on how to help people with their health needs, our business training is slim at best.

What good is all of that training if you can’t keep the doors to a practice open? (Or completely burn yourself out trying?)

Join me for this free, live workshop and I’ll give you more real, useful, actionable business advice than you ever got while earning your degree.

We’ve helped more than 500 practices across the country (and world!) enjoy significant, measurable success for the practitioners and patients alike.

The webinar will give you four easy steps to start enjoying similar success.

You can do this!

Charles Webb
Founder, Freedom Practice Coaching

Harness Your Power to Change Lives

You've devoted years of your life to learn the art of wellness. And that means you have the incredible knowledge and experience that can help patients regain their health... for good.

The only problem? The current healthcare system is holding you back.

Instead of educating your patients, you're stuck seeing them for 10 minutes at a time—only long enough to slap a bandaid on their current ailment, not discovering and treating the root of their problems.

Let's stop the cycle of perennially sick patients and burned-out doctors.

Our free, in-depth workshop will give you the tools you need to break free and start making real, measurable change in the lives of your patients... and your own!

Happier, healthier patients, the income you deserve, and the time to actually live and enjoy your life.

It sounds like a pipe dream... but it isn't.

We've helped hundreds of practitioners across the country to leading the healthpreneur lifestyle. Join our live workshop and we'll teach you how you can, too.

Inside this essential workshop you'll learn:

  • The art of pre-education and communication—when you create your ideal client, you ensure their success.
  • How to create customized programs—stop prescribing bandaids and start offering educational, comprehensive programs that change lives.
  • Why mindset is essential—until you respect your value as a doctor, you’ll never earn what you’re really worth.


  • Why the Fee-For-Service model is the number one reason patients don’t want to pay for their care. The answer will surprise you.
  • How to set yourself apart from the “Commodity Doctor” and why it’s essential in today’s climate.
  • How to conduct your initial consultation in a way that your prospect asks to be accepted into your care and sees this as an investment. YOU SHOULD NEVER SELL!!!
Jennifer Sosnowski

FPC is the best business decision we’ve made. Having a network of experienced, like-minded practitioners and coaches to whom we can reach out is in itself invaluable. You can’t do it alone and we don’t believe there’s any other way you could make a cash-based practice thrive.”

Dr. Jennifer Sosnowski

Start today on your journey to a happier, healthier, more satisfying career.

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