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Are you stuck in the fee-for-service cycle?

There is a better way!

Our two resources, the Book and the guide, show you how to give your patients the education and attention they need to get better…

and boost your profits, too!

oppression to freedom book

Our FREE KIT will show you exactly how customized programs are better for your patients, your practice, and for you.

In fact, these same strategies are used by over 600 of our clients around the country to better impact patient results, free up the practitioner's time, and dramatically improve profits.

When I followed FPC's model for packaging my services, I expected to make more money, and even work less. What I didn’t expect is that I would get even better patient results.

Dr. Danite Haller, Arizona Natural Health Center

In the FREE KIT you will learn:

  • How customized programs improve patient compliance
  • Why patients enjoy better results
  • How to remove the fee-for-service sales trap
  • What all-inclusive programs should offer
  • How embracing your real worth as a practitioner brings higher profits
  • How to build programs that educate, diagnose, and treat root problems

Using the FPC model, I resisted all the "shiny objects" (hormone replacement, IV therapies, etc.) that I wanted to add to my practice and offered three packages. We celebrated our "Best Month Ever" in January 2020, when we hit $173,747.29!

Dr. Linell King, Naples Vitality

There is a Proven, Better Way to
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Are you...

  • Frustrated with unengaged, noncompliant patients?
  • Struggling to keep up with your ever-increasing load of patients?
  • Tired of relying on insurance companies for payment?
  • Burned out at work and home?
  • Working long hours but still struggling to make a profit?
  • Wishing there was a way to improve your patients' lives AND your own?

Unlock the Answers!

Request our FREE KIT with the From Oppression to Freedom Book and the Blueprint Guide to Customized Programs, to discover how to break free from the broken healthcare model.

Amazing! I am able to help my patients so much more and my business revenue has tripled in only 3 months!

Dr. Kelley Reis, Raleigh Natural Wellness