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Who Is Freedom Practice Coaching?

The Most Comprehensive Healthpreneur Training & Mentorship Program in Existence

FPC is an ecosystem of health entrepreneurs and business mentors who have built and grown multiple 7- and 8-figure companies.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve synthesized the most effective models, systems, and tools to help 700+ medical and wellness practices scale profitably

Build a Successful Practice

Implement a new model, increase your revenue, improve health outcomes, and achieve the vision of your dream practice.

Stop Sacrificing Your Time

Streamline operations, decrease your workload, transition to a 4-day workweek, and spend quality time with your family.

Numbers Talk

76% of FPC Clients Doubled Their Income (or More) Within Their First Year

89% of FPC Clients Work Fewer Hours While Generating Higher Profits

“I had a lot of fear going out on my own. FPC has been a continuation of my transformation into who I really am. This community is more fruitful than anything I could have ever hoped for.”

-Gene Blake, NP, & Erin Copenhaver, PA
Rising Tide Wellness

“Since joining FPC, our revenue tripled, growing by over $1 million annually.

-Adam Lerner, LAc
Family Acupuncture & Wellness

“My clinic wanted me to see a new patient every 15 minutes, write a prescription, and move on. That’s not why I got into medicine. FPC has allowed me to focus on being the doctor I want to be.”

-Dr. Roy Hall, MD
Mountain Health Functional Medicine

“I left a successful cardiology practice to become a leader in reversing disease. I sought out FPC’s mentorship and now I’m on track to be more successful than ever.”

-Dr. Vikram Raya, MD, FACC
Vitology Institute

“When I started with FPC, my practice was doing $5,000 per month. Now we do $50,000 to $60,000 per month.”

-Sarah Treat, CN
Sarah Treat Nutrition

“In the western medical model, I was laid off multiple times. Now that I’ve been coached by FPC, I have my own practice.
I’ve hired staff to support me, and I’m looking to hire a physician to replace me in the future.”

-Dr. Amy Loschert, Integrative Oncologist
Elemental Health

If There is a Proven, Better Way to Run Your Practice, Would You Want To Know About It?

Are you...

  • Frustrated with unengaged, noncompliant patients?
  • Struggling to keep up with your ever-increasing load of patients?
  • Tired of relying on insurance companies for payment?
  • Burned out at work and home?
  • Working long hours but still struggling to make a profit?
  • Wishing there was a way to improve your patients' lives AND your own?

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Why Freedom Practice Coaching?

Freedom Practice Coaching empowers you to escape the broken system through our proven model that reclaims your time and creates sustainable wealth. Founded by Dr. Charles Webb, FPC is made up of elite coaches (most of whom are also health experts like you) who are passionate about freeing people from the oppressive insurance system, allowing them to reclaim their time, grow revenue, and build a life outside the practice.

We offer mentoring and models to help professionals like you create sustainable wealth and a thriving life outside of a growing practice.

What Can FPC Do For You?

We empower you to become a better practitioner, not just for yourself and your family, but also for all the patients who look to you for health guidance.

Through a proven and battle-tested model and a team of successful coaches, FPC can help you grow and scale your practice sustainably. Our coaches and executives know how to help you grow your practice and treat it as a business that needs nurturing. How do they know that? Because they've all been exactly where you are now. They're here to apply their real-life experience to guide you through all the aspects of growing and scaling a business — from mindset to hiring, from operations to marketing, and so much more.

Beyond the business, we also want you to become better health practitioners so that you can help your patients even better. Our proven model has also helped countless patients produce improved results and live better lives.