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Build a Booming, Agile Practice:

3 Secrets Your Colleagues Use for Stability and Growth in an Unpredictable Market.

It’s Time to Chaos-proof Your Practice

Don’t wait for the next big disaster to come along. Learn how the right business model can help you step into a thriving practice full of patients who are willing to invest in their health, no matter what’s happening in the world outside.

Monday, January 24th • 7:30 PM Central

Tuesday, July 20 • 7:30 PM Central


Tuesday, July 20 • 7:30 PM Central

Achieve unprecedented growth

Help your patients achieve true health

Earn what you’re actually worth

Hosted by Freedom Practice Coaching's Dr. Charles Webb.

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Your Practice Can Grow, no Matter What

Learn the steps to unprecedented growth, even in unstable markets.

People always care about their health, even during times of instability. With the right practice model, you can reach the people who really need you and WANT to co-labor with you in their care. 

We’ve helped 100s of doctors achieve growth and success with our proven
Exclusive Practice Model.

Establishes your practice as the new model for care

Frees you from the stress of dealing with demanding insurance companies

Breaks the need for you to put in long hours in order to grow the practice

Our proven model is fueling the growth of over 600 practices and works for a wide range of specialties, including MDs, DCs, NPs, DOs, and more!

“FPC helped me pivot during lockdowns and we hit a record $80k for the first time in September 2020. In the middle of a pandemic. Even better, the pivot helped me greatly improve my reach and helped me embrace expanding beyond the proximity to my clinic. Now I have clients in Texas, in Alabama and in other parts of the nation and eventually, the world.”

- Dr. Greg Fryer, Medical Direct Care

“The pandemic was like a punch. There were no new people at all. If I didn’t have FPC’s help transitioning to webinars and virtual appointments, there’s no question that I would have gone under for sure. I would have lost the practice.”

- Dr. Gene Clerkin, Monadnock Natural Health

If you’re ready to build a stable, profitable practice that gives your patients the care they deserve...

Join us for a free presentation ($259 value)
where we'll cover:

  • A proven 4-step program that shows you how to achieve 7-figure revenue—without the overwhelm.
  • How to bring in 5 times as many new patients by switching on your own marketing machine.
  • The secret to providing stronger patient outcomes... and over-the-top experience.

  • How to run a profitable practice free from controlling insurance companies.
  • Why creating customized programs will help your patients view health as a journey—and become raving fans!
  • How to spend more time with fewer patients... and still increase revenue!

And MUCH more...

You’ll also hear from doctors who are currently using this model and the powerful impact it has made on their patients, their practice, and their lifestyles.

The best business decision I have ever made.

“I struggled in my practice for 15 years.  I struggled to find new patients. Personally, I struggled to have enough time, energy and money to enjoy my life. The FPC model just made sense. It solved every problem that I had confronted trying to build my practice. Since joining FPC and implementing their model, my monthly revenue increased 6 fold!”

Dr. Daemon Jones, Healthy Daes

This webinar is right for a variety of practitioners:

  • MD
  • ND/NMD
  • DC
  • DO
  • NP
  • CFMP

Meet Your Presenter

Dr. Charles Webb, Your Host

Dr. Webb and his team empower doctors to take control of their destiny and get on purpose.

In 2012, after dedicating years to building a better practice model, Dr. Webb founded Freedom Practice Coaching and began his journey of impacting 10 million lives by sharing his proven model with practitioners nationwide.

He and his team have trained over 600 doctors—who in turn have changed millions of lives and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

This presentation is LIVE and will not be recorded.

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Plus I'll be answering any questions you might have.

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Monday, January 24th • 7:30 PM Central


Mastering The Business of Wellness

"When you get into healthcare, you don’t consider that you will need to know the business side of having a practice. FPC has helped us help so many more people and in the process our revenue went up 240%!"

Leslie Meyers, ND

Delivering MD Freedom from Hospitals, Insurance Companies

"I was tired of being told what to do by the hospitals. I was tired of insurance companies telling me how long I could see my patients, and I wanted to be free. so that's why started my own practice with the help of FPC and am giving my patients the care that they really deserve."

Vikram Raya, MD, FACC, Lanham, MD

Developing New Income Opportunities

"I was already successful in my traditional business, but FPC has given me another vehicle and another revenue stream to expand my practice. FPC has helped to grow my business in a direction I did not know how to grow in. I'm able to keep my business while growing a whole new part of it through the FPC model."

Danny Fenster, DC, New York, New York