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How to break through the cash-pay barrier for better patient outcomes and a stronger practice

You’ve Mastered the Art of Wellness...

Now discover the keys to running a thriving business.

Thursday, August 5 • 7:30 PM Central

Tuesday, July 20 • 7:30 PM Central


Tuesday, July 20 • 7:30 PM Central

Have time for family and friends

Create better patient outcomes and experience

Significantly increase income

Hosted by Freedom Practice Coaching's Dr. Charles Webb.

($259 value)

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Turn your practice into a thriving business with
a simple practice model that WORKS...

Without The Overwhelm

You’ve spent years building your knowledge and expertise so you can help your patients achieve wellness. It’s time to hone your business skills to create the thriving practice you’ve always dreamed of.

We’ve helped 100's of doctors achieve growth and success with our proven

Exclusive Practice Model.

Establishes your practice as the new model for care

Frees you from the stress of dealing with demanding insurance companies

Breaks the need for you to put in long hours in order to grow the practice

Our proven model is fueling the growth of over 600 practices and works for a wide range of specialties, including MDs, DCs, NPs, DOs, and more!

You need to hear how Dr. Sheila Kilbane shifted her practice model and the changes it brought in her ability to serve her patients at a higher level.

If you’d like to discover how fine-tuning the business side of your practice will lead to overall success...

Join us for a free presentation ($259 value)
where we'll cover:

  • A proven 4-step program that shows you how to go virtual … and achieve 7-figure revenue—without the overwhelm.
  • How to bring in 5 times as many new patients by switching on your own marketing machine.
  • The secret to providing stronger patient outcomes... and over-the-top experience.

  • How to run a profitable practice free from controlling insurance companies.
  • Why creating customized programs will help your patients view health as a journey—and become raving fans!
  • How to spend more time with fewer patients... and still increase revenue!

And MUCH more...

You'll hear from doctors (live) who are currently using this model and the powerful impact it's made on their patients, their practice and their lifestyle.

Dr. Leslie Meyers

Better Practice. Better Life.

"When you get into healthcare, you don’t consider that you will need to know the business side of having a practice. FPC has helped us help so many more people and in the process our revenue went up 240%!"

Leslie Meyers, ND

This webinar is right for a variety of practitioners:

  • MD
  • ND/NMD
  • DC
  • DO
  • NP
  • CFMP

Meet Your Presenter

Dr. Charles Webb, Your Host

Dr. Webb and his team empower doctors to take control of their destiny and get on purpose.

In 2012, after dedicating years to building a better practice model, Dr. Webb founded Freedom Practice Coaching and began his journey of impacting 10 million lives by sharing his proven model with practitioners nationwide.

He and his team have trained over 600 doctors—who in turn have changed millions of lives and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

Also featuring guest speakers,

Dr. Mike Smith + Dr. Farah Sultan + Dr. Danite Haller

This presentation is LIVE and will not be recorded.

Receive a special free gift for attending!

Plus I'll be answering any questions you might have.

It's not a "sales presentation"... there is nothing to buy

Thursday, August 5 • 7:30 PM Central


Driving Practice Structure, Success

"With FPC, I have learned to transform my passion into a successful business. I love my practice, and I love the structure that FPC helped me to develop. If you want to be successful, you may not know how, but FPC knows and can help you to grow."

Daemon Jones, ND, Washington, DC

Delivering MD Freedom from Hospitals, Insurance Companies

"I was tired of being told what to do by the hospitals. I was tired of insurance companies telling me how long I could see my patients, and I wanted to be free. so that's why started my own practice with the help of FPC and am giving my patients the care that they really deserve."

Vikram Raya, MD, FACC, Lanham, MD

Developing New Income Opportunities

"I was already successful in my traditional business, but FPC has given me another vehicle and another revenue stream to expand my practice. FPC has helped to grow my business in a direction I did not know how to grow in. I'm able to keep my business while growing a whole new part of it through the FPC model."

Danny Fenster, DC, New York, New York